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K-Bike Replacement Parts Page

Through the years many people have found parts that match, or almost match, the BMW-recommended parts.
Please This list is compiled from reader contributions and is NOT verified!
Read the note at the bottom of this page
before deciding to use any of these part replacements.

Part BMW Part Manufacturer & Number Notes
Oil Filters #11-42-1-460-845 AMSOIL: SMF122
AC Delco: PF-53
Fram: PH-6063 (K specific)
Fram PH-3614 (9-12psi)
Fram PH46 (30-37psi)

Hastings: 157A, LF157
Motorcraft: FL-271, FL-793
Purolator: ML16825, FCO-201, PER-241
Wix: 51348, 51785, 51288
contributed by Jim McManus
Bruce Keahey is conducting a long range test into these replacement filters. For details, please contact him. 
Spark Plugs #12-12-1-464-293 Bosch - Super: XR5DC
Apparently, BMW is now recommending the XR7LDC.
Champion: RA6HC
contributed by Tim Bond
Champion: The stock plugs have an 11/16" (odd) wrench size and the Champions have the 5/8" wrench size that allows my rubber grip plug socket to fit but that size is not in the toolkit, beware! (Tim Bond)
Spline Lubricant #10
Lubriplate No. 3000
a moly-lithium grease
Texaco Starplex Moly
a moly grease
Dow-Corning Gn Assembly Paste
a moly grease
HondaLine Spline Lube
a moly grease
Brake Pads Front:
EBC "Black" Compound
Highly Recommended by many
Front #FA170
Rear - #FA18 - FA171 is the WRONG sized Pad for some/all K11's!
Galfer Green or Blue
Sandro@805 967 8726
Battery Unkn. Yuasa 51913
Different color from Stock
Fuel Filter Deutsch "FF424"
Fram G3802 (Ford Mustang 4.6L V6)
From Mike Kelly: The Deutsch FF424 is a near exact match for the OEM filter. Same length, inlet/outlet diameter, and general size. In stock, at Autozone for $2.39.

The Fram G3802 is NOT a good substitute for the OEM filter. It is approximately 2 inches longer and larger in diameter. The added length makes it difficult to install on the aluminum outlet line leaving the tank. Close inspection with a mirror revealed the rubber line on the inlet side of the filter was significantly crimped due to the added length of the filter body. In a jam it would work, but ideally, the inlet side rubber line needs to be longer for it to fit properly.

Air Filter Purolator AF-3389


*This list of Non-BMW parts has been assembled from postings to the BMW list and various other sources. These parts have NOT been tested for compatibility nor are they approved by BMW as replacement parts. Use this list at your own discretion, and, as always, make sure to read up on and follow all safety guidelines before undertaking any work on your motorcycle. If you have any doubts, please either stick to the BMW recommended part or take the bike to your local dealer.

UPDATE: Frank Stevens of BMW NA has apparently recently stated that use of non-BMW parts and performance of some procedures (notably the 0-0 sync popular on Oilheads) can be grounds to deny some or all warranty claims.


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